Autie Goodman - "We Thought About You"
...with Mike Beisner and the Viceroy Brass


"William Austin Goodman is one of my all time favorite performers and a super good friend. His long career has been full and varied. After many long years with the legendary Four Freshmen, Autie continues to excite me with his wonderful vocals and excellent saxophone work. You'll surely enjoy him in the 'We Thought About You' CD..."
" ...Mike Beisner not only has been a long time friend, he is, as Bob Flanigan of the Four Freshmen put it: "...the finest musician in the world!" He has combined a vast musical knowledge and greatly uses his own ideas, dazzling technique, and power of arranging in this exciting CD with Autie. The results are not short of amazing." - Edd Townsend - Four Freshmen Society Founder

Includes: It's You or No One • My Romance • Stella by Starlight • But Beautiful • Tangerine • Have You Met Miss Jones • When Sunny Gets Blue • Spring is Here • This is Always • I Thought About You.

 Compact Disc $12 (postage - $1 extra)
(running time: 43.5 min. )
Cassette Tape - $9 + $1 postage

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July 6, 2008....
It's with deep regret we learned that Mike Beisner died today in Las Vegas of an apparent heart attack.

Mike was a key member of the Four Freshmen starting in 1982. He was part of Groups #7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17 and 18 and sang every part except lead.

We'll miss you, Mike...

This just in from Connie, Mike's first wife..

Services at Thursday, July 10th at 10:00 at the United First Methodist Church at 1701 East Oakey Blvd. We have reserved the church from 10:00 to 2:00pm At the 10:00am service in the sanctuary, Matthew, my son, will give the opening and longtime friend Jimmy Fitzgerald will lead the service. Friends and family will be invited to come to the microphone and share a favorite memory or story about Mike. Immediately following the service in the sanctuary, we will move to a reception room, where subway sandwiches, fruit snacks will be served, along with water and cookies. There will be a baby grand piano, a set of drums and an amp for anyone who would like to sing or play during this time. Guests are being invited to bring a favorite picture to LEAVE at the reception table, and write a brief story/note on the picture. After the service is over, Terry (Mike's ex wife) has offered to make a 'memory book' as a keepsake.

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