Four Freshmen Society

The Four Freshmen Appreciation Society was formed in October of 1987 by Edd Townsend in order to celebrate, promote, and perpetuate the unique FRESHMEN SOUND created by The Four Freshmen in 1948. Enjoy this video from the "Fresh!" CD.

The Society is a self-sustaining organization providing a medium for members to keep abreast of the activities of The Freshmen and to share in the celebration of their great music.

Edd with the Four Freshmen of 1988.

Edd created the society because it was so frustrating for him and hundreds of other Freshfans to hear of their performances in concert or on television after the fact. After several meetings with Bob Flanigan he received approval to establish FFAS (Four Freshmen Appreciation Society) and publish a bimonthly newsletter. Thus, Edd created and titled the publication FRESH NEWS. The first issue of the newsletter was published in January of 1988, and by the end of that month 150 Freshmen fans became dues-paying members of the society. Edd originated several promotional concepts for the Four Freshmen, which included the establishing of Society State Representatives, as well as a promotional representative from each country in the world. The society has grown to more than 2500 members as subscribers from all over the world.

Although the society is not sponsored by The Four Freshmen, the President/ Manager of the organization has been selected by Bob Flanigan. The President, in turn, appoints officers and a Board of Trustees. The Board must have at least three members and shall oversee and maintain vigilance of the organization's operations. All officers and trustees serve voluntarily without compensation and enjoy no special privileges. Officers or trustees can be relieved of their duties by a simple majority vote of dues-paying members.

Yearly dues are kept to a minimum. No refunds can be made. Membership is open to all ages and is not limited because of race, color, sex, political affiliation, religion, or country of residence. If you enjoy Four Freshmen music and are willing to help us promote that UNIQUE SOUND whenever and wherever possible, WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO JOIN US!

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