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Boiling peanuts have been a folk cultural practice in the south of the US since the 19th century, where they were originally called goober peas. In late August, when the peanut crops would come in, unsold and surplus peanuts would be prepared by boiling, and extended families and neighbors would gather to share conversation and food... and in Edd's case, a great place to share guitar tunes and jazz licks with friends, buddies, and pro pickers. Like a fish fry, peanut boils have been organizing principles for social gatherings. Like okra, black-eyed peas, collard greens and pork barbecue, boiled peanuts are symbols of southern culture and cuisine.

As part of the Big Edd's Seasonings Co., Edd sets up the boiled peanut stand 2 miles north of Elizabethton, TN, on U.S. Highway 19-E, three times each week in order to offer those hot, delicious, boiled peanuts to everyone. Edd delights in selling four flavors: (1) Plain Salted, (2) Spicy Cajun, (3) Country Ham, & (4) Edd's patented invention, the world-famous Taco Flavored boiled peanuts!

Buy Big Edd's Boiled Peanuts
Edd also sells his entire line of spices, outdoor cooking products, country sausage, gourmet country coffee, and his guitar CDs at the stand on U.S. Highway 19-E. Be sure to stop by when you are in the area. Edd will be pickin' music when possible, so, bring your guitar and jam in!

Many Bob Smallwood and Ardetta Meade fans stop by and purchase their CDs here, so music fans are welcome!

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