Stupid Internet Rumors...

Some folks just love to follow stupid rumors. They click away on their mouse, and gaze at the pictures instead of reading a thing! A multitude of people simply failed to understand what was going on!

...'some idiots even called me a stalker!'

Several years ago when stock market problems plagued Martha Stewart, Edd Townsend supported her defense because he felt she was being railroaded by big government. Edd even supported the effort by writing and recording a hit song for her. This song was titled Save Martha Blues, thus followed up with a CD album titled To Martha with Love.

Needless to say, many internet surfers of the idiot-type became so jealous that they started all kinds of hurtful rumors about Edd and Martha. Edd has always been into herb gardening and enjoyed Martha's TV show. He was rather shocked when internet surfers called him a "stalker" when indeed that was the fartherest thing from the truth.

Should you be so interested in reading about it... since people are amused over this type of thing... simply click HERE - Media watches Martha and Edd. Happy rumoring!

The stupid rumors only made Edd all the more popular throughout the world, allowing thousands of hits on his website. However, many people completely misjudged Edd because they failed to gather all of the truth. And Martha... well, she came through her ordeal better and stronger than ever! Lesson here: "Get all the facts! Don't misjudge!"

Thus, we came up with the term "Limelight Misjudgements".
Some people hate to see you in the limelight!

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