"To Martha with Love"
...featuring Edd Townsend and his Guitar.
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"Edd Townsend is one of my all time favorite performers and a super good friend. His long career has been full and varied. After many years on the professional guitar scene, including radio and television, Edd continues to excite me with his wonderful vocals and excellent guitar work both on the electric jazz guitar and on his nylon string classical guitar. You'll surely enjoy him in the 'To Martha with Love ' CD..."
" ...although Edd recorded this CD as a personal gift for lifestyle queen Martha Stewart, the music contained within is a thrilling delight for any music lover or "Martha fan" anywhere. It has not been Edd's desire to capitalize from Martha's situation as many media pundits have done so within the past several months. While he is, as Bob Flanigan of the Four Freshmen put it: "...a very special kind of guy and a fine guitarist!"... Edd has combined a vast musical knowledge and greatly uses his own ideas, dazzling technique, and power of arranging in this exciting CD dedicated to the woman he admires the most. 'Save Martha Blues' which is also included on this CD is certain to become a hit! The results are not short of amazing!" - Ned Michaels, WFHG Radio

Includes these songs: Sunporch Serenade • My Romance • Save Martha Blues • Midnight in Westport •A Triumphant Day is Near • Walking You and Paw Paw Home • Let's Chase Each Other Around the Studio Tonight • Black Duck Boogie • Long Way Around the World • Listen to Lisa • Loving You.

( Total CD running time: 43.5 min. )

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